Know when your services stop working via email or text message


If your websites or servers went down, you would be the first to know!


Our Port Monitoring service is an easy online tool that does website, server and protocol monitoring for you 24/7 at itervals you specify and sends you or your co-workers instant email/SMS notifications when something goes wrong.


  • Perform checks at intervals you set
  • Online tool, no need to install any software in your server or website
  • Monitor websites, mail servers, custom TCP ports and more
  • Email notifications to multiple email addresses
  • SMS notifications to multiple phones
  • Event summarys
  • Customize settings and notifications for each monitor
  • Secured connection over SSL/TLS

Port Monitoring




80 HTTP Global
110 POP3 Global
25 SMTP Global
443 HTTPS Global
53 DNS Global
21 FRP Global
3306 MySQL Global
143 IMAP Global
22 SSH Global


Try our service out for free for 14 days, everything is included in the Trial!

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Get the Monitoring that works best for you...

Starter Monitoring

$12.95 / Month

Standard Monitoring

$19.95 / Month

Advanced Monitoring

$34.95 / Month

  • Up to 10 Monitors
  • All Port Monitors Included
  • 5 Minute Checks Includes
  • 25 SMS Messages
  • Up to 50 Monitors
  • All Port Monitors Included
  • Custom Ports Included
  • 1 Minute Checks
  • Includes 50 SMS Messages
  • Up to 100 Monitors
  • All Port Monitors Included
  • Custom Ports Included
  • Blacklist Checks
  • 1 Minute Checks
  • Includes 100 SMS Messages
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